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Financially Fit in 2016

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Bii Gii Wiin offers a financial skills curriculum for individuals in the American Indian communities, with a purpose to educate and enlighten individuals about financial know-how, establishing bank accounts, and how American Indians’ have always been preparers for the future.

  • Learn how to create a budget that works for YOU!


  • Learn how to read your Credit Report and what it all means


  • Learn how to make credit work for you?


  • Have fun while learning essential money management skills?
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ABOUT Bii Gii Wiin

Bii Gii Wiin means, "Coming Home" in the Ojibwe language.


The mission of Bii Gii Wiin CDLF is to provide Training and access to Capital to promote homeownership, entrepreneurship, and financial capabilities among American Indian families, in addition to individuals throughout the State of Minnesota through the provision of development services and financial products.

  • 1113 E Franklin Avenue
    Suite 200
    Minneapolis, MN 55404
  • Phone: 612-354-2249 Fax: 612-354-7897
  • info@biigiiwiin.org