Eshetu is not buying a Twin Cities Habitat home for himself. Rather, he’s buying a home so his mother, Yelfgn, and his three younger brothers, Tesfaye (20), Daniel (15), and Habtamu (13), will have a safe and stable place to call home. He was the first in his family to move from his native Ethiopia to Minnesota. He knew his mother and brothers would soon be coming separately from Ethiopia, so he worked very hard to earn a home for them. Currently, the family lives in a two-bedroom apartment in St. Paul.

Evidence of Eshetu’s dedication to his family can be seen in the fact the he is the first Twin Cities Habitat homebuyer to come from a referral partner organization, Bii Gii Win. Eshetu took the initiative and contacted Bii Gii Win to begin his financial coaching. The organization determined he was ready for homeownership and referred him. After an initial interview, he turned in all his paperwork, worked out his mortgage budget and started looking at properties to get matched with. When he saw the new townhomes in Heritage Park, he knew he’d found the home his family needed.

Though he is several years older than his brothers, the four of them enjoy sports together, especially soccer. Once he gets his family settled in their new home, Eshetu plans on continuing his education. In the future, he also hopes to have a wife and children to share the home with.